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best wishes 2021!
04.01 2021

The entire SMC2 team thanks you for your confidence that you have granted us this year again !

SMC2 would like to thank you for the trust you placed in us once again this year, in this very special context. We are proud of our volunteer teams, who have enabled us to complete our works under restrictive conditions, and we would like to give our full support to the service providers, partners and clients who may have encountered difficulties this year!

We were at your side and we will remain so !

This pandemic has confirmed our values :

– to promote and democratise sporting activities for the health and well-being of all,

– favour environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings to limit our ecological impact,

– enhance the value of sports and play structures in covered outdoor 4 seasons for a better interaction with green spaces and limit urban benchmarking,

– continue to innovate to show our confidence in the future, continue to imagine pleasant and sustainable territories to live better together!

We therefore wish you perfect health and prosperous finances, numerous projects and full success in everything you undertake!

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